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_____________ I Forgive you, please forgive me.
You never had guilt,
I also never had guilt
I forgive, forgive me, please.
Life teaches us through the discordances
And I learned to love you and let you go from my mind.
You need to live your own lessons and me too.
I forgive you... forgive me for God.
Now, go to be happy for me to be happy too.
May God protect you and forgive our “worlds”.
The sorrow of my heart has gone and there is only light and peace in my life.
I want you happy and smiling, where ever you are...
It’s do good to drop it, give up resisting and let the new feelings flow!
I forgave you from the bottom of my soul, because I know you never did anything evil,
But because you believed it was the best way to be happy ..
Forgive me for having nurtured hate and hurt for so long in my heart. I did no know how good it was to forgive and release, I did not know how good it was to let go what never belonged to me.
Now I know we can only be happy when we allow our life to go on, to follow our own dreams and our own mistakes.
I do not want to have control over anyone or anything. So I ask you to forgive me and let me go too, so that your heart fulfill with love, just like mine.
Thank you.

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